Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting Crafty! (random post)

Hey guys!
Let me share a little bit about my hobby-

You must be thinking about how grandma-ish it is. Like knitting, right?
Granted, it may not have the same appeal as crochet where you can make clothes, earrings and all kinds of things where you can wear out, but it is way easier and it’s perfect for everyone! You can pick up wherever you leave off, unlike crochet because all the knots are impossible to track and it is less time-consuming! :)
I’ve been making name tags recently for all my friends, and I plan to stitch them into little cushions and add mobile phone straps for them to hang up wherever they please ^^
I’ve even had some random girl come up to me and request a bunch of coloured name tags. I was stunned at first, and really delighted because I never had any of my hobbies earn me some keep! (it means money)
Anyway, I rattled off a series of coloured letters as quickly as I could to my delighted first-ever customer. Possibly my last, as things are looking. *laughs*
I’ll post up some pictures next time. But seriously, it is way easy to make and you can find font designs online! Just telling you guys in case you want a fun and fulfilling way to earn cash. Though it didn’t exactly turn into a big business for me, I’m still quite delighted with the results LOLLOL.

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