Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lip Ramblings

Okay okay this is kinda mean but I was thinking about how ugly some reviewers' lips are.

Case in point,

Here, here, and here.

What? I'm so mean??
I'm giving them more blog traffic okay!!

And what I seriously don't like is that some of them (okay, one) don't moisturise and look after their lips well.
It's not your fault if you don't have a very nice lip shape, but you can jolly well look after your lips.
I mean, you are implying that whatever you are reviewing is lousy because it doesn't help your chapped lips at all.

Unless you want to give a bad review, you better have plump, nice lips that don't have skin flaking everywhere. *gross*

And also, the products don't even seem to make their lips pinker at all?!
Hmmm maybe their lip colour was terrible at first.

And I don't know what the last one was doing, her pose looks terrible.
*cue duck face* 

Sorry if I sound so bloody stuck-up, it's because I'm real proud of my lips so I really want to show them off :)
In case you missed my Lip Ice post, look here.
This is how real lips should look like!


I was reading Xiaxue's blog entry on how to get Angelababy's lips (here) and then I was thinking, 'so pretty... I should learn that too'.
And then, I realised that
like almost exactly, the coveted cupid's bow shape.

You jelly? You jelly? (some weird slang for jealous that's really in right now lol)
Die of jealousy!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!

So sorry I'm pretty much high on ego right now ^^

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