Friday, April 26, 2013

Shiseido Pureness Blemish Targeting Gel

Hey guys!
I'll be reviewing Shiseido's Pureness Blemish Targeting Gel today!

I'm actually reaaaaally busy but not updating much is giving me guilt trips, so... *cough* I've decided to do an easy post as a filler.

My aunt got this for me last Dec and I've been putting this off for the longest of times. Well, obviously I  didn't buy this myself cos no money :X She originally bought it for her daughter-in-law's sister (we have a crazily huge extended family in Brunei) but gave it to me 'cos she bought extra and she saw I had this bad case of acne on the left side of my forehead.

She got it cheap in Miri (some place in Malaysia that you can drive to from Brunei) for RM 80. That's like... 32 bucks? Hmmm I wouldn't spend so much on a blemish gel :P
So I have to rely on the good wishes of *cough* my family to sponsor me! (what, you think I earn money meh? *indignant*)

She says it is usually 40-50 SGD in Brunei but when I went to google it it ranges from 28-36 SGD in Singapore/ on Amazon plus super expensive shipping fees. But that's still quite a bit of money. I'll tell you, she is super sweet to everyone!

Whenever I visit Brunei she'll take me shopping and insist on paying for everything. We fight to pay first at the cash register but I usually lose, because she is the lady boss of the main newspaper agency and almost everyone knows her ._. Everyone seems to know everyone else there 'cos the population is only 300,000.... Which is like 20 times smaller than Singapore! Is my math right??
Okay fine this doesn't really explain much but usually the cashiers accept the money from the elder.

There was one time she tricked me into trying another piece of clothing and promptly paid for all the items I wanted! Super jian4 !
Recently I've taken to shopping alone hahaha but it's quite hard to do so cos I can't get to the malls unless someone drives me...

I think she spent at least 400 bucks on me last Dec hols.
50 bucks on Hada Labo stuff
70 bucks at The Face Shop/ Holika Holika
100 bucks or so on clothes (clothes are super cheap there!!)
almost 200 bucks for a pair of Lee jeans my uncle got for her in Taiwan but she couldn't fit into them, so she gave them to me. I wear them EVERYWHERE now. They are gorgeous... the gradient of shades, the fit, how the material hugs your legs... what can I say?? LOVELOVELOVE.

Oh gosh I clean forgot about reviewing the product!
I guess I'll have to do it tomorrow cos I'm too busy.

Okay, I use this rather sparingly (15ml only) and usually only for huge patches of acne. It isn't very effective for huge pimples or stopping developing ones, but it is quite good with huge red patches of tiny little irritable bumps. It cleared up mine in a little under two days!

Do note that it is quite drying, and I'm sure that if you run a Google search you'll find some comments about it.
This is not a fantastic product that would make me squeal my head off I guess, cos' it is not exactly in a cute packaging or has drastic miraculous results.

A plus point is that it is quite convenient to use (a squeeze bottle thing)

And you can see that it is a clear gel...

I circled it in case you can't see it :3

Another thing I like is that it absorbs quickly without leaving an oily film or feeling (it's drying, I guess) and it has a rather refreshing feeling, though I'm afraid that's because of the high alcohol content.

People with sensitive skin should not use this product as it stings. At first I was super happy that it stung because it should mean that it is doing its job and whatnot, but then I realised it had a super high alcohol content, like a hand sanitiser, and drying too, and smells the same, so maybe I can get the same effect with the plain ol' Dettol hand sanitiser?? 

Loves: Cooling feeling, convenient bottle

Hates: Not a very astounding product as a whole.

Rating: 6.5/10

Conclusion: Find something better (and probably less pricey)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Silkygirl Big Eye Collagen Waterproof Mascara

This product's name is a definite misnomer.

To start with, it is not waterproof.

The website also claims that it is smudge-proof... 

...but I can assure you that it is not.


Hmmm yeah I used a photo editor to minimise the redness of the pimples you can faintly see there. So it doesn't distract you from my pretty eyes~ 

This was done with cold water, so you can't say that it was the warm water that did it.
I didn't take a swatch for the smudge-proof claim, but I can assure you that it smudges. I had a hard time trying to cover up my mascara smudge in school.

But please don't think that this product is a no-go-- in fact, this is my favourite mascara yet because the bristles are so hard and fine, it creates wonderful natural-looking lashes.

I tried it in Guardian and fell in love with it!

I just HAD to get it right away... and I did!

This mascara layers really well.

One coat is good for really subtle lashes, like for school, two coats for a more obvious look, and three coats for a really dramatic pop! But usually my lashes start to clump by three coats and I have to use the brush to guide it downwards to ease out the clumping... then the mascara kinda loses its function of making my lashes go upwards.

Starts clumping after 3 coats~

See the difference in length!!

Actually, my lashes already curl up naturally so some mascaras are too heavy and end up drooping lower. Weird huh? And I have a thin extra layer of eyelashes on top of my main ones, like Elizabeth Taylor.

She was sooooo pretty~

Hopefully it's not a sign that I have the same weird mutation as her that caused her heart problems too. I actually googled 'double layer eyelashes' and I think she's the only one! How cool is that?
She lived such a sad life though... I don't want my life to be like that! Pretty and desired by so many but no stable love in her life

Back to the point 
Anyway, I love this mascara because it is so easy to use!
Anyway, you don't HAVE to have a waterproof or smudge-proof one, right?

I just wish the brush could be designed in a more curved shape for easier application, like the Maybelline one I'll be reviewing later on ^^ I love that brush because it is a 'cat-eyes brush' and is extremely suitable for people with eyes like mine!

It's just made for me, hahaha~

Loves: Easy and clean application, doesn't clump easily

Hates: Not waterproof or smudge-proof as claimed

Rating: 8.5/10.... I really love this mascara.

Price: 14.90 SGD at Watsons/ Guardian/ SASA/ hypermarts like Giant, before promotions

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HELP!!! Miniskirt Issues

Agonising over whether I should make the purchase.

4.90 bucks only, but my parents would probably kill me for this hahaha.

And I'm kinda broke already... I need to save up some more money for the five bottles of O.P.I I'm eyeing!!

Lookie here!!

Tell me if it's worth it :/
I'm deliberating between 5 (navy blue), 6 (boring but practical black), and 8 (wine red)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Online Shopping... all under $5.

I think Qoo10 is out to bankrupt me.
Honestly, how can you resist products like these??!!
And so cheap too! (but if you're buying them all, like me, they'll add up to a lot)

On my 'Must-Buy' List:

1) Guardian Angel Alarm Keychain- 4.90 SGD
My mum's getting this for my sister and me.
She says we need it in case any pedo old men get near. And I kinda agree cos' I seem to be a favourite with pedo old men ._.
I'm kinda skeptical about the quality but I'll be sure to tell you guys about it when I get it! It'd better not die on me during a crucial time~

2) Silicon coin/key pouch- total 3.20SGD (2.70 SGD + 0.50 SGD shipping)

3) Stamp collections- 3.90 SGD

4) More stamp collections!! - 5.90 SGD
okay, okay, fine... this exceeds 5 bucks. But not by much!!
How can you resist such awesomeness??
(I'm getting the Happy Life Stamp Set)

5) Stamp Ink Pens for precise colouring- 1.90 SGD

6) LED Candle Nightlight- 2.90 SGD
I ABSOLUTELY WANT THIS but be warned, it's kinda puny.
9.6cm x 4.6cm (height x width)
I'm getting the yellow light one!


Stuff I'm still hesitating to get:

1) Bullet Ice Tray/ Chocolate Mould- 4.90 SGD
So cool and awesome and all, but... would I use it?
(hopefully I can coax my mum into getting it)

2)And its (not-as-nice) counterpart, the ring ice tray and chocolate mould- 4.90 SGD
(not getting this though)

3) Couple doggy earphone winder- 4.50 SGD
(undecided because my bf might not use it)

4) Taiyaki earphone winder. Impossibly cute but I don't need that many earphone winders anyway- 1.90 SGD

5) LED Reading light. Not sure if I should get this because my mum only reads stuff on her iPad- 4.20 SGD


Buy all these awesome gifts at:


I'm not advertising for the website, mind you.
I just wanted to share all these awesome gift ideas- quirky, but so cheap!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Face Shop ME:EX Mini Pet Hand Cream in White Floral and Sweet Fruits

I'll be doing a whole bunch of posts that I've been putting off and this is the first one:

The Face Shop ME:EX Mini Pet Hand Cream in White Floral and Sweet Fruits!

Phew, quite a mouthful eh?

Anyway, I've been putting this off since... last year?
And I finally decided I'd get down to it after my mum bought a SECOND batch of these hand creams.
She got me the sweet fruits one on top of the white floral one I asked for because she thought it smelled nice in the store.

How it looks like on the inside... 

As you can see, I've used up half of my old container already! I really love the floral scent!

Actually, I'm not really a big fan of floral scents, but this is so sweet and musky and smells of all things good...

And in contrast, the sweet fruits one disappointed greatly. It smelled like an air freshener- fake and overly sweet and cloying, and I didn't like it one bit :(

Rubbing all the goodness in~

The hand cream absorbs quickly and is not too oily, but it is not a very heavy moisturising one. But at least it doesn't wash off with water!

If you have extremely dry hands, I'd suggest you find one recommended by dermatologists, something from the clinic because over-the-counter products will NEVER penetrate your inner skin layer, no matter what all the adverts say.
Because if they do, it will require a doctor's slip. If it could slip past your skin layer, it harbours the risk of being used for terrorist attacks and whatnot. Which is one of the reasons why you can't bring more than 100ml on planes, see?
The things you learn on my blog everyday ._.

I think when I've used up the hand cream I'll wash it and use it as a paperweight on my desk or maybe to store paper clips or whatever.

All the Korean skincare brands have such cute packaging, makes you want to buy them all  


For White Floral

Loves: The cute packaging!
Hates: None, but not for people with very dry skin
Rating: 7.5/10

For Sweet Fruits

Loves: The cute packaging
Hates: The scent
Rating: 5/10

Price: 10 SGD in stores but you can get it online for a fraction of the price. Check out Qoo10 and be sure to check the reviews!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Straightforward Layout

Tell me what you guys think of my new layout!
Email me, comment, anything :)

I want to change all the ugly fonts to nice cursive ones.
Maybe over the weekend??

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Blog Survey and Wordpress Jealousy

So, I was browsing all the nice tools there are for blogs and nearly everyone is using plugins on Wordpress!

I am so upset right now.
Should I migrate?

But I don't think I'll like it, because I'm already so used to the format on Blogger and I'm totally hopeless with tech stuff so it will take me FOREVER to get used to a new one.

But... but.. those plugins... 

Oh, and I have a survey for you guys!
Please give me your feedback on the blog! Like what you want me to review, what products you love, etc.

Here's the link: opens in a pop-up window

Friday, April 12, 2013


Oh I just realised!
The format of my blog gets screwed up if you don't view it in full screen, so to view it in all of its full glory, make sure you maximize it!!

My Beauty Diary (MBD) Black Pearl Face Mask

I'll be reviewing My Beauty Diary's Black Pearl Face Mask today :)
Why this first?
Uhhhh cos' I'm too lazy to whip out my camera to take more new pictures and I've taken the pictures for this mask sometime ago.

I don't have a picture of myself wearing the mask larh cos I don't want to scare you guys.

Pictures of the packaging~

I got this on Qoo10 and it looks pretty genuine I must say. No misprinting of ingredients like some of the reviews I've seen on the Net and the serial number is clearly embossed on.
I didn't take a pic of the serial number on this packet because it's black and the camera won't be able to pick it up very well, but you can see it on the Pearl Whitening Mask picture I took. (below)

The last I checked, none of the fakes have an embossed stamp. Theirs is printed on, and not all the way at the bottom.

On to the review.
Make sure you store this mask in a cool area because I've heard many complaints about the mask turning 'smelly' when left in a hot place. So far, I've not had this problem. I think it helps to put the mask in the fridge before application.

I love the feeling when it goes on cold on my face!
I've not tried warming the mask because I'm afraid it'll smell.

It has a plastic backing to make for easier transferring of the mask onto your face~ 

One of the gripes about this mask (and the only thing that ever makes me question its authenticity) is that the mask sheets tend to come in different shapes and sizes. The mask sheet in the picture is my fourth mask, and you can see it's kinda wide and short.
My first mask, however, was long and didn't cover the sides very well. I wish they'd come up with a standard shape because I constantly have to tug at it to adjust the mask to my face shape.

There is tons of serum in one mask packet, enough for your arms and legs and neck and you still have some left over to slap on your mask sheet again when it starts drying out!  The amount given is super generous~ and I love it!
The feeling on your skin is slightly sticky at first but it is gradually absorbed and leaves your skin feeling QQ and bouncy and soft! 
Gosh I'm sounding really excited about this yeah? 

I actually don't use this as often as I wish I would... because I'm so bloody busy and lazy that the only time I can use these masks is before I sleep, and I don't want to waste the mask by letting it fall off my face when I toss and turn around (I can't stay in one position when I sleep 

The whitening effect differs for everyone. My classmate recommended this mask to me and the effect is SUPER OBVIOUS on her. You can actually see the line/ border near the side of her chin (at the ears) where she used the mask and the difference in skin tone!!  *amazed*

So when I tried the mask for the first time I made sure to very religiously apply it all over my face and neck so I won't have ugly tan-line looking marks on the side of my face!
Then I'm not sure if it's a good thing but it wasn't super obvious on me LOL. Maybe cos I spread out all the serum and she only piled it on her face?? 

But I did see a gradual change in my skin tone after about two weeks... you have to be patient about these things! Actually I'm not sure if it's because it takes time to whiten or I was too engrossed in other things to notice HAHA, I only realised I turned fairer after looking in my bathroom mirror one day ._. how's that for oblivious??

This is a pretty affordable mask to try out- buy online (and check reviews to see if it's authentic) for a cheaper price! If you are still iffy, you can get it in SASA/ Guardian/ Watsons etc. for around 14.90-16.90 SGD! SASA has more variety of masks and they usually have stock as compared to the other two. 

Loves: Whitening effect, skin feels soft after applying, generous amount of serum
Hates: Non-standard mask shape
Rating: 8.5/10
Price: I got it on Qoo10 for 9.90 SGD (not selling anymore), 10 mask sheets plus a free mask sheet (Pearl Whitening)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Future Posts

Just a little update to show you guys what I should be reviewing over the next few posts....

1) Yadah Lip Tint (Juicy Red)

2) My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

3) My Beauty Diary Pearl Mask

4) The Face Shop ME:EX Mini Pet Hand Cream (delayed this till it's almost all gone)

5) Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion

6) Hada Labo Moisturising Lotion

7) My DIY Body Scrub Attempts (all successes!!) and DIY gifting post

In no particular order, of course.
I haven't taken pictures for everything yet and I'm MAJOR BUSY, going to sleep at 12 plus tonight because I have 2 essays due tomorrow.

Oh oh oh I got an A for A level Project Work!
Scholarships, here I come~ (ego much)