Thursday, April 11, 2013

Future Posts

Just a little update to show you guys what I should be reviewing over the next few posts....

1) Yadah Lip Tint (Juicy Red)

2) My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

3) My Beauty Diary Pearl Mask

4) The Face Shop ME:EX Mini Pet Hand Cream (delayed this till it's almost all gone)

5) Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion

6) Hada Labo Moisturising Lotion

7) My DIY Body Scrub Attempts (all successes!!) and DIY gifting post

In no particular order, of course.
I haven't taken pictures for everything yet and I'm MAJOR BUSY, going to sleep at 12 plus tonight because I have 2 essays due tomorrow.

Oh oh oh I got an A for A level Project Work!
Scholarships, here I come~ (ego much)

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