Sunday, June 2, 2013


Can't bring myself to write anything now even though all the stuff I have is building up...

Feeling so guilty. I got this awesome gel eyeliner set from Secretkey for only 9.90 SGD, and there are 5 colours in it and they are super smooth and all...

I spent the whole morning camwhoring with my eyeliners and I had a lunch function in the afternoon and I am so bushed now I can't really bring myself to write anything.

(tired and grumpy)

(attempted to act chio and failed 'cos I'm too tired, so I got this instead)

I'm also extremely frustrated because I've recently bought a nail stamping kit and I can't get the damn thing to work, urgh. I ordered the Salon Effects set but the seller cheated me and gave me some lousy China brand (Yong Can or something), and the plastic is so lousy it starts flaking off when nail polish remover gets on it.


credits to

It's a total dupe! In terms of appearance only, I mean. I bet the original is waaaaaay better in terms of quality. %*^!$@ stupid China brands

On a happier note, it's the June holidays and I can relax a little bit, though I fully expect myself to be studying/ doing homework every day because it is the crucial A level year and all... I think I'll rush out a ton of posts in June and late July and put them all on queue to keep y'all occupied and happy, because I definitely can't blog as freely in the months leading up to the A levels.

Less than half a year... how scary is that omg. Your whole future, charted based on a couple of exams ._. it might be good for me though cos I'm not exactly someone who achieves consistent results (usually more of a hit-and-miss, especially for GP). My only consistent results are consistently low ones. Oh well. *struck by sudden sense of guilt*

Oh yeah I think I'm really more relaxed now cos of the hols and all- because I'm only left with the pimples around my forehead now \(^0^)/ you can kinda see it in the picture actually hahaha.

Hmmm I guess that's it?
Expect posts sometime this week. I'm off to do my geography essays and finish my linguistics assignments T-T

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